Let's Meet: Your Flower Friends

Have you ever wondered where your florist gets their floral stock? Or how fresh are they really? I am excited to share with you this years first Featured business Your Flower Friends! 


 I had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia Mercer last year and it has been so great getting to know her. Flower Friends is a local florist & flower farm growing from seed to you.  When asked, what she loves about her business? She said           “I absolutely love the happiness that flowers bring others. Spreading that happiness around is like having magic fairy dust I get to sprinkle wherever I go!” And yes she is just as sweet and energetic as she sounds!  

Cynthia came to the path of floral design from a personal fork in the road, she knew she needed to find a path that would lead to spread love to others and floral design was just that. In her free time she loves to travel and wants to go everywhere! “Every single one. Anywhere and everywhere for as long as possible.”  


As for new adventures she is excited to build an 8ft tall floral wall for the first time. “I have started experimenting with using an armature in my bridal bouquets to reduce the weight of the arrangement.” Her Romantic, French Country style just screams beauty and I am so excited to see this floral wall.

As a small business she does have her struggles like everyone else. “I would love to replicate myself!!! Then I could be there for everyone.  I have also struggled with separation between family, and business life.  They seem to constantly bleed together and I need to come to terms with it!” 


Cynthia has many influences or as she likes to refer to them, “The peeps I ‘Insta stalk’ ”.  Like many of us she can get a little tongue tied when meeting her   idols after years of following them, “It feels weird to have them right in front of you!”  Some of her favorites are Sinclair and Moore, and Hey Gorgeous Events.


Keep a look out for Cynthia Mercer and ‘Your Flower Friends’, she has many magical weddings this year and can’t wait for everyone to see some of the idea she has brewing! They will also be expanding their flower farm to include many more types of flowers that their brides and customers are thirsting for!