Enter the Era of LettuceBreath


Say hello to my friend and Vegan babe Corrinne, aka Lettucebreath. The brand LettuceBreath has become an ever evolving alter ego for Corrine.  Using a ‘tough love’ approach to break down the barriers within society she encourages the transformation from within. 

“The brand has been ignited by two passions- Holistic Health & Fitness- coincided with a great obsession for Healing, enlightenment, and longevity through the understanding of proper nutrition. Thus how Lettucebreath was born! In an age like today, where so many are desperately looking to find treatment for their illnesses.  Lettucebreath provides an interactive  lifestyle platform through an up and coming website, blog and social media. A space for all seeking a more fulfilling life, where food is thy medicine!”


Conscious Parenting guidance is in the future, for those who have children! A Mind, Body, and Soul connection bringing higher awareness, and purpose back into our lives. The world is available to us all on a grand level, if we can enhance our standards for a life of well being! 


Lots of Love in 2017. To keep up on the journey you can follow her on Instagram (Instagram.com/lettucebreath) and check back for more info on upcoming projects.


Thanks to Gilday Sport Conditioning Gym, Vancouver WA & assistant Jered Bailey of Jered Dean Photography.