Pourras Engagement Session

I was able to head back home and shoot an awesome couple around a favorite spot of mine in Whittier, CA. They met at a birthday party through mutual friends and from there the rest was history. Take a look into Nelson & Janet’s story and fall in love.


Our Proposal Story.

About a month before the proposal, I had the engagement ring ready for the big moment, but didn’t know how or when to propose to her.  

We’ve been trying plan a nice and quiet getaway for months, but we couldn’t stay for an entire weekend, so we decided to take a one day turnaround trip to wine country.  Our jobs can be pretty demanding and somewhat stressful, so we couldn’t wait for this particular weekend to see each other and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

After putting some thought into how to propose, I did some research.  I wanted it to be a quiet and semi-private setting, so I picked a restaurant at a winery that had exactly that.  It was small and quaint with al fresco dining surrounded by stunning vineyards and gardens.  I wanted us to dress up nicely, but I didn’t want her antennas to go up, so I simply told her it was going to be a high end restaurant and we should wear something more formal for dinner.

After a fun filled day in wine country the sun began to set, so I mentioned we’d have to leave soon.  She said okay, and off we went.  When we arrived at the restaurant, we went separately to change.  I wasn’t really nervous, but as soon as we met back in the restaurant lobby, I saw her standing there and thought to myself “Wow, she looks so beautiful.  I hope I don’t screw this up”.  The host already knew of the plan, so she was very helpful and accommodating.


After being seated in perfect view of the vineyards and gardens, I began to feel the butterflies.  Then, I excused himself, saying I needed to use the men’s room and would be right back.  So I sped walked back to the car to retrieve the ring, but then I had a slight problem.  The ring box was too big to fit in my coat pockets, and too big to fit in my pants pockets without being noticeable, so I had to improvise on the fly.  I stuffed the ring box in my front pocket and walked back to our table with my hands in my pockets.

After ordering some wine and appetizers, I couldn’t wait any longer, so I suggested we take a little walk though the beautiful gardens.  She said ok, and off we went.  As we walked through the gardens, one hand holding her hand and the other in my pocket holding the ring box, we came to a beautiful gazebo and next to it was a pond and fountain.  This was it.  It was right about here where everything became quiet, and when she looked away for a few seconds, I dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring box.  She looked pleasantly surprised, and I was immediately overcome with emotion.  It took me a minute to compose myself and ask the question, but eventually I did, and she said “A million times YES!”  


I think it was the realization that our engagement meant so much all at once. It was, and is, the culmination of years of self-exploration, and learning to hold true to myself and the man I am, as well as the culmination of years of learning to communicate well and openly, and working hard toward a solid relationship.  This proposal was the reward for each of us, for the promises we kept for ourselves, and for each other.

I felt a peace wash over me and between us.  After she said yes, I stood back up, took the ring and placed it on her finger.  I shouted with joy, kissed her, hugged her and we held each other for a good while.

What is your wedding inspiration, theme & some details? Our wedding theme is romantic country.  The inspiration comes from our admiration of living in a quiet and simplistic country like lifestyle.


What is your fav thing to do together? I would say cozying up on the couch with some delicious comfort food, a bottle of wine and a good movie. 

How do you two spend your free time? Aside from cozying up on the couch, we also like to visit some of our personal favorite restaurants.

How has the wedding planning been for you? Although we are very busy in many aspects of our lives, I think we are managing pretty well.

Any Honeymoon plans? Yes, we are planning a nice and quiet beachside honeymoon in Mexico.


“We’re well on our way with planning and are very happy to savor our engagement!”