Should I Hire a Makeup Artist?

Yes, the answer is always yes! In planning your wedding or event hiring someone who can give you the look you want & accentuate your beauty is key. Especially when is comes to your photos, a professional makeup artist is skilled in knowing what works for every situation & equipped to handle it.


I am always up for new ways to DYI and save some extra money, but unless you are highly experienced in the field of cosmetology I say stick with the pro. Even when going for a natural look, you still want to glow. Not only are you paying good money for professional photographs you also have a full day ahead of you and want it to last.


Hiring a hair and makeup artist will help your day run smoother and you will  look flawless while doing so.  When getting your photograph taken there are certain techniques to help accent your features, the photographer will love you for this.  I have had weddings and even some engagement sessions where you can see improper makeup or bad hair applications. This can be devastating after hiring a photographer to capture your memories.


So I say don’t risk it, let yourself be pampered! Not sure on how to go about it, here are a few tips to help.

1.  Take a look through their portfolio. Most have websites or electronic profiles you can look at in the comfort of your home.  Each bride has a different idea for there day so find the artist who fits your vibe.

2. Referrals. A good word of mouth can go a long way. 

3. Social Media. You can find many different artists and their work at a click of a button.  

4. Do a trial run. You will want to see how your makeup will look before the big day, that way you can make changes before its too late.


You can also talk with your photographer, more than likely they have a handful of artists they trust and work with often.  One of my personal favorite artists is Marylu Gomez, she is amazedly talented.  Not only is she reliable, Marylu is very versatile which can go a long way in the world of weddings. Hiring a good team to work together is what allows myself as a photographer to create my magic for our clients.

I want to thank the team that made these photos possible.

Makeup - Marylu Gomez           

Jewelry - Hannah Frost Jewelry 

Venue   -  Hamilton Oaks Winery

Florals  -  Tustin Florist               

Dresses - JM Coture                   

Models  - Theresa Murphy        

               Merissa Underwood