Let's Meet: Trés Belle Cookies


Im excited to share my day with Michelle of Trés Belle Cookies, not only is she a blast to hang out with, her desserts do not disappoint and I look forward to them every time!


Trés Belle Cookies is all about small desserts for all the events in your life. “I do everything from favors for parties and weddings, to full dessert buffets for events. My focus is on using high quality fresh ingredients and baking in small batches to maintain quality and consistency.” 


Michelle has had a passion for baking since she was young. Over the years she took classes, studied the masters of the pastry arts, and worked hard to hone her skills. “I read cookbooks like novels. At the holidays, I would create huge platters of beautiful cookies and give them away to my friends and family, or take desserts to dinner parties.” 

While at a planning meeting for an event, to discuss the menu, the big questions from everyone else’s mouth was “Why aren’t you getting paid for this?” This is how she knew she could make a business out of baking, and that event gave her the push she needed.


“I’m all about re-working recipes and making them my own, especially when it comes to flavor. If a dessert looks beautiful, but the taste is just okay, you aren’t likely to order that again. It’s all about how can I kick it up a notch, I want the taste to be memorable and stay with you. There’s nothing better than watching someone take a bite of one of my desserts and watch their eyes close and see that moment of bliss on their face.”


Every person starting their own business comes into troubles & has things they must learn,  learning how to market in a social media driven world has been one of Michelle’s.  “It’s been a learning curve for me in where to put my focus, and how much time to spend on it. I’m fortunate that I have a lot of people around me willing to offer advice and suggestions on how to promote myself in today’s market. There are so many options out there.” 


One of her goals is to grow her event and wedding business, she has expanded her business by carefully creating a more developed menu. Now ready to offer a wide variety of dessert options for buffets, which is really the trend for most events.


“When I’m not on Pinterest or some other food-related website, looking for inspiration or the next dessert to tackle? I really love to read, and now that it’s getting nice out I will be out in my garden, coaxing my plants into blooming.”


Some future plans are coming! Michelle is looking at different options for taking a baking class overseas, combining her holiday’s with learning. I know I am excited to see what she learns.


Believe me these cupcakes were so moist and just as delicious as they look! I really love the use fresh and natural ingredients, you can taste the difference in quality. I look forward to seeing more of Michelle and Trés Belle Cookies, if you want to follow her journey head on over to her social medias and drop her a line.