I'm Back...


For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Teresa Nuñez of Nuñez Photography. I shoot Weddings, Boudoir & Fashion, love to be a crazy cat lady and will eat anything chocolate. I took a small break from posting, honestly, just to catch up! 

While still getting settled into my new life rhythm and starting a photography business, in a new area, there was lots to do. Along with my own obsessive compulsions for everything to be done immediately I definitely created some of the chaos. So while catching up on editing, doing branding touch ups, getting new systems in place and just being a human, this past year or so has been full of transitions in my life & business mentally, physically and even spiritually.

It took much longer to settle in our new home than expected, next time I move states I will definitely be more prepared. Not just the time it takes physically but mentally too, I was on the same style of schedule for almost 8 years with working at the same bar and doing my photography when I could. It took a lot to undo this normalcy I once had and move it to something new & better. It took a year until we could even get the rest of our belongings shipped over and once it did, it was almost like moving all over again. The clutter and mess, as well as the anxiety that comes with it, the need to have everything finished overwhelmed me. But once everything was organized and set up, my life started to feel normal again. There are still odds and ends to always finish but how nice it it feels to be able to move on to other tasks and to give my business my full attention.


After graduating college 7 years ago I wasn’t too concerned on starting a business it was more for the love of creating and finding my next inspiration. I assisted several great photographers, interned in photo studios, loved creating & shooting fashion concepts. Eventually it came the point where I wanted to really build my own business. The constant trial and error was frustrating, especially when a lot of my time was working at a bar to supplement my income. The money was good and gave me flexibility to peruse my own work, but the cost of living was high so most of my time was going into working to pay bills and help me financially with my photography.   

Moving was the next step in being able to build, the move alone was a lot, but worth it! Eventually it gave me more time not only for my business but for my life, to grow in health and spirituality.  All of it was connected and gave me the proper tools to figure out what the heck I was doing. My time became consumed again but in a positive way, I learned to love and appreciate my errors as they gave me strength. I was able to connected more with others (which is a whole other embarrassing post for me), to read & research and of course partake in the trial & sometimes error portion of it all. The more I learned and tried the more I loved it, even in frustration.

As people we should be transitioning often, always trying to better our self in ways only you can understand.  When things don’t work the first time reassess the situation and try another angle. I like to imagine myself boxing, bobbing and weaving, throwing punches but sometimes you just keep getting hit and have to readjust your approach. You may not win the fight but how and what you take from it will define your next step. We all have hardships, some more than others and we each go through these times to progress to the next faze. It really is about how you handle yourself in those dark or frustrating situations.

Regardless of who you are and where you come from there will be a struggles, I am thankful there was, without them it can be hard to be appreciative or grow. Maybe you don’t learn anything at all or created some of the issues for yourself, I have been their too. Some “lessons” took a couple times before I could hear past the fear to what my gut was trying to tell me.  Don’t let that fear hold you back, let it fuel you. Learn to listen to yourself, it’s not always easy deciphering through the negative thoughts to find what your inner self is trying to tell you. But please do, if its scary for you push though, all these things will help you not only for your business but in life.