Who is the right Videographer for your wedding?

Finding the “one” does not happen over night, but aren’t you glad you finally found them?  

The same goes for finding the right vendors for your wedding day.  You spend time trying on that perfect dress, tasting to find the right cake, searching for the right photographer  [hopefully Nuñez Weddings ;) ] , the list can go on and on for what it takes to put a wedding together.  

After all that you want to make sure its captured perfectly.  The right photographer will defiantly capture the essence of your special day, but hiring the right videographer will allow you to relive it.

Now how to find them?  A few things that are good to keep in mind is the style type you are looking for.  Do you want it shot documentary style, allowing your wedding to be captured naturally?  Some prefer a more cinematic approach  allowing room to be more creative on how they shoot and present your wedding day. My favorite is a fused style of both, allowing a natural flow with a creative presentation.  Which ever way you do decide, make sure to share that with your potential videographers and find the one that suits you as a couple best.

Many find theirs by referrals and that is just what I am going to do here. From working with and looking through many sites for videographers I must recommend my friends at EP Wedding Films.  Not only do they use professional, Hollywood-grade gear, they have a decade of experience.  You will be ensured that your memories will be shot with “vibrant images and crystal-clear audio”.  If that is not enough their presentation is clean, creative and detailed.

Still on the look out for the right team for you?  There is no better way than to let their talent speak for itself.  

       To see more of their work, information and pricing visit there website