Photo's & interview with Erika Mendoza

Last month I was able to shoot and interview Erika Mendoza to find out her health secrets….


What are you latest fitness/health goals?

To tone and gain lean muscle especially the glute area

What or who inspires you?

Successful people and my family inspire me. I love the life style successful people live I inspire to be like that one day. And for my family the inspire me to be who ever I want to be


What is your main healthy habit?

Drinking my ViSalus shake

What is your favorite fitness activity?

I love hot Pilates/ yoga it’s relaxing but hard at the same time


What supplements do you use?

I use ViSalus products protein shake, natural energy drinks, and vitamins

How do you like to exercise your mind/sprit?

I like to hike or go to hot yoga to exercise my mind/spirt


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

I kiss my dog Bentley and play with her. She makes me very happy!! She’s my light when I’m down. Then straight to my visalus protein shake :)

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