Centerpieces or Living Art?

I had the pleasure of visiting my friend David Lipchik at his Burbank studio to explore the world of succulents and living art. David and his partner, Ethan Saks began their company Local Timber in 2010, taking old wood and reclaiming it into a living entity. Everything they use has been salvaged or reclaimed into tables, chairs, planting and more.

Their succulent pieces was what caught my eye as the perfect wedding centerpiece. These planters are beautiful and full of life allowing its keepers to cherish them long after the wedding is over. Not only do you have the option of saving money by purchasing the DYI kit, once rooted, these centerpieces become a piece of  your own art to add to any wall. They can always make these pieces for you but, as being a hands on person myself, there is something more exciting about putting these together.

All of the wood framing and planters are built by hand with re-claimed wood. Along with a planting box your kit also has soils, moss and a variety of succulents.

Once assembled they can add vibrancy to any table & once rooted it can easily be hung vertically.

Local Timber offers diffrents sizings and designs for your planting needs, as well as custom work to fit any of your wedding or home desires. I completley fell in love with these miniature succulent magnets, which work perfect as a take home gift for your guests.  Who wouldn’t want a miniature plant hanging on the fridge? Its not only cute but easy to manage.

David has taken his vast knowledge of construction and design to create in a multitude of ways. Not only is his work visually stimulating his ideals of conservation has lead him to reuse as much materials as he can when remodeling homes, designing furniture and keeping in mind of drought resistance plants when doing landscapes.  

From weddings to gifts Local Timber is at the top of my list.  For more information on where these items can be purchase and more on designing needs, you can make contact through the links below.


To keep up on latest work and designs also follow David’s blog: