Let's Meet: Forest & Field

This week we are meeting with Bailey River of Forest & Field.  A culmination of two, Bailey and her husband Johnny wanted their jobs to be their life, in a life-giving way.  They currently reside in Portland, Oregon as they prepare their 20 acres of un touched land for there dream of helping and healing others.  


We walked around her neighborhood and she showed me a little about foraging, it was great seeing how we can forge not only in raw nature but also in our own back yards.  She describes the business as “an ever-evolving culmination of everything I’m passionate about and everything I want to share with the world. It combines nature, design, healing, emotional connection and curiosity. From Floral Design and Herbal Medicine to Nutrition and Relationship/Individual Coaching. My business is ME and my story of pursuing that which brings me joy and meets my need to contribute and create.”

Seven years ago at the age of 21,  Floral Design for Weddings was Forest & Field’s beginning.  -  “I’ve always been more creatively minded (I had a hard time in school) so I knew I would end up pursuing something in that realm. Besides meeting my need to be creative Floral Design also gave me freedom to set my schedule and pursue all the other certifications I now hold. I attended the Floral Design Institute in order to get the ball rolling and have now done over 100 weddings in the last 7 years. During this time I’ve also completed 2 years of Herbal Medicine training, obtained a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Certification and now a Strategic Intervention Coach Certification. Deep health of body and mind have always been important to me because it shapes how we live our lives and how we feel day to day. I’ve always desired to bring beauty, vitality, energy, joy, physical health, mental health and emotional well being to people while connecting them with something and empowering them to take care of themselves in these ways. It feels really good to facilitate that in all the ways I do!  I studied Herbal Medicine and Nutrition because my immune system failed me for a year and the doctors couldn’t help me. It was at that moment that I knew I had to learn these things on my own and see what nature and food had to offer. On top of that there was a HUGE emotional piece that I needed to bring to the surface in order to heal fully. Strategic Intervention Coaching has given me that final piece and helps me interact more intentionally with clients in all my business endeavors. The newest addition to our business is Relationship Coaching. Johnny and I have been married for 8 years and are incredibly passionate about helping people discover what a motivating, intentional, epic life partnership can be like.”


“As a young child I was always trying to gather people together, create space with plants/decor, understand people’s emotional psychology and discover how to be the best and most epic person I could be. I love teaching and sharing. When I started meeting with clients for Floral Design I had no idea what I was doing, but I found that confidence came natural to me and I basically “faked it till I made it. Working with clients in that realm and setting up massive weddings made me realize how much I like that control and the ability to be a confident leader. So my favorite part of Floral Design, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition and Coaching is that I get to make huge things happen, create space and teach/share. I’ve led workshops like Wreath Making, Floral Design, Nutrition Retreats, Herbal Medicine making and now Relationship Coaching. I love the energy that comes with the feeling of teaching and creating something epic.”


Every business owner faces their own challenges and many of us deal with a lot of the same issues. So when asking Bailey of her challenges in her business I could definitely relate to what she said. ”I’ve done A LOT of learning. It’s been one of the biggest challenges but also my greatest success because I didn’t let it stop me from pushing forward. Financial stability is also a common one. Johnny has begun studying finance and investing and the Coaching certification has given me a whole new level of confidence that I believe will bring the financial stability we desire in the near future. I think it just takes a lot of devotion and hunkering down to learn the system. And lastly, organization. This has been difficult because we’ve had a hectic living situation and just recently got a work studio that is separate from our home. We finally realized that spending a little bit of money on space may actually help with organization and financial stability because it can bring peace of mind and the knowledge that you’re investing in yourself, which makes you a more successful and confident person I think.”


In their free time Bailey and Johnny like to read, drink coffee, have deep discussions about life and love walking their goats. “I LOVE to dance, I think that’s my favorite thing. I usually Pole Dance every day which includes a stretching and workout routine before and after. I love cooking, singing, sauna, writing and a good coffee date with a friend.”

As for the future they see their work becoming more integrated. She intends to focus on emotional wellness and coaching. As far as floral design goes,  narrowing her niche to only take on jobs that have life to them. “I have an inability to do a job without an intense emotional connection and vision. Johnny and I bought property last year so I hope to grow some plants for design and medicine. I’ve also combined my herbal medicine and floral design by offering a new package where I forage medicinal plants, use them in the wedding arrangements and then make them into medicine afterward to send to the couple. That’s one way I’ve integrated my businesses.” As well as focusing on her Herbal Medicine company and Nutrition,  heavily on mood and emotional issues.


‘The ultimate goal is to have a “retreat center” of some sort on the property so people can come and have a full experience and get away from their daily life. I feel like change happens when we uproot ourselves and try new things. Well, a year from now Johnny and I are going to Europe and then possibly traveling for a few months. Until then we plan on focusing a lot of energy on Relationship Coaching and trying to get ANY speaking engagement we can find. We are determined to become experts in that arena. We may also build an off the grid cabin on our property so that we have somewhere to stay out there.’

To learn more about Forest & Field you can see their services and other information at www.forestandfieldcreative.com , you can also follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks for meeting Forest & Field and we will see you soon!



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Let's Meet: Your Flower Friends

Have you ever wondered where your florist gets their floral stock? Or how fresh are they really? I am excited to share with you this years first Featured business Your Flower Friends! 


 I had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia Mercer last year and it has been so great getting to know her. Flower Friends is a local florist & flower farm growing from seed to you.  When asked, what she loves about her business? She said           “I absolutely love the happiness that flowers bring others. Spreading that happiness around is like having magic fairy dust I get to sprinkle wherever I go!” And yes she is just as sweet and energetic as she sounds!  

Cynthia came to the path of floral design from a personal fork in the road, she knew she needed to find a path that would lead to spread love to others and floral design was just that. In her free time she loves to travel and wants to go everywhere! “Every single one. Anywhere and everywhere for as long as possible.”  


As for new adventures she is excited to build an 8ft tall floral wall for the first time. “I have started experimenting with using an armature in my bridal bouquets to reduce the weight of the arrangement.” Her Romantic, French Country style just screams beauty and I am so excited to see this floral wall.

As a small business she does have her struggles like everyone else. “I would love to replicate myself!!! Then I could be there for everyone.  I have also struggled with separation between family, and business life.  They seem to constantly bleed together and I need to come to terms with it!” 


Cynthia has many influences or as she likes to refer to them, “The peeps I ‘Insta stalk’ ”.  Like many of us she can get a little tongue tied when meeting her   idols after years of following them, “It feels weird to have them right in front of you!”  Some of her favorites are Sinclair and Moore, and Hey Gorgeous Events.


Keep a look out for Cynthia Mercer and ‘Your Flower Friends’, she has many magical weddings this year and can’t wait for everyone to see some of the idea she has brewing! They will also be expanding their flower farm to include many more types of flowers that their brides and customers are thirsting for!


Hello World!

I have been posting on this blog randomly for sometime now, but never have really introduced myself.  So with the new year, new avenues & goals I thought now is as good of time as any!

My name is Teresa, I am a photographer, food lover & crazy cat lady. After graduating from California State of Long Beach with a degree in art I spent time creating, learning and finding my avenue.  I have been taking photos for about 10 years (a little more than that but it was more of a hobby then) and enjoyed shooting everything from commercial & fashion to interiors & weddings, as well as assisting some amazing Los Angeles photographers. Through the years I have been working on and continue to work on building my empire.


The challenges of building a business on your own can definitively feel like a roller coaster.  For myself a lot of it was just trying to find out what I wanted out of life and the kind of person I want to be.  I care much for those around me and love to help others find their beauty from within. There were times I thought about quitting or lowering my expectations but meeting with and getting to know others, from all walks of life & all levels of entrepreneurship, has given me the inspiration to strive for higher goals. This journey is something I have worked for but am thankful in being able to pursue these dreams, learn and continue to grow as a person.


I want to connect with others and share knowledge through the bond of community. As I continue to grow a business and find a balance between life & love, I feel sharing my continued journey with will allow others to know you are never alone in this. I will be showing an inside look on what goes on within Nuñez Photography including behind the scenes views into weddings & other photo shoots, business fun, connecting with other people & business’ and a dash of easy healthy recipes to keep you going.

I would love to stay in touch with all of you out there! Feel free to drop me a line for comments, things you would like to see or just to say Hi.


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Cynthia from @yourflowerfriends is such a doll! Had a lovely chat & look forward to share soon… #nunezweddings #yourflowerfriends #bloggerlife #florals #weddingphotographer #california #washington #oregon #weddingplanning #eventlife  (at Vancouver, Washington)

Cynthia from @yourflowerfriends is such a doll! Had a lovely chat & look forward to share soon… #nunezweddings #yourflowerfriends #bloggerlife #florals #weddingphotographer #california #washington #oregon #weddingplanning #eventlife (at Vancouver, Washington)