It's Giveaway Time!

It's Giveaway Time!

Looking to win a session of glamour and luxury? Here is your chance! Enter to win a free boudoir session on APRIL 15, 2018. Enjoy the experience of intimate portraiture in the comforts of Studio Northwest, Portland OR. Treat yourself by sipping on champagne while you get pampered and glamorous.

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Behind the Scenes with O’Pearl Brands Jewelry

Last year I shot some photos with O’pearl Brands Jewelry, an Oregon Based jewelry line by owner Kerry Yu. I love her line and really love what it is all about!

Kerry wanted  to create a brand of jewelry that could make anyone and everyone feel beautiful regardless of their age, size, shape or color.  Her goal is to make all of her clients be as beautiful as they feel. 

Getting to photograph these ladies of all ages was not only fun, but really did prove you can be exciting and sexy at any age. That it is all in the mind of the beholder. Take a look at the fun we had and check out O’Pearl Brands -  “Living Loud & Fearless, Be as young as you Feel!”

Website : O’ Pearl Brands Jewelry  



Hair & Makeup : Illusions By Melanie  & Sabrina Zhang 

Location: Clackamas Vintage Carousel

Styling: Nguyen Rei Rei

Models: Jennifer Kelly, Marie Saturn, Colleen Boruassa, Joan Lumbar, Kerry Yu & Lyubov Vladimirovna

Put A Vintage Twist On Your Next Event!

It’s no secret that vintage prop’s at your wedding, party or photoshoot can create the ultimate dreamy atmosphere you are looking for.  The bigger question is where do I find such items?

Well look no further, I have found the perfect mother, daughter team to style your next event. Touched by Time Vintage Rentals are not only talented, they put there hearts into every set.  

Nancy and Kelly have been active and in love with the antiquing world for 15 years, in 2012 they decided to share there passion and collection with others.  Located in the Temecula Valley they have one of the largest inventories that I have seen.

The attention to detail is where I was hooked, everything placed in a perfect stylized manner. There eye for prop styling is everything I was looking for, not only professional, they are just too fun to work with!  

I look forward to working with them more and insist you take a look at there site yourself for your next event. 

For more information about Touched by Time Vintage Rentals you can visit there website:

Dont hesitate to contact them, you will not regret it!

“A family that can laugh together stay together” #nunezweddings      ———————————– #love #familyportrait #weddingseason #weddingphotography #weddings #portraits #laughter #bride #groom #photography #losangeles  (at Orcutt Ranch Horticulture Center)

“A family that can laugh together stay together” #nunezweddings ———————————– #love #familyportrait #weddingseason #weddingphotography #weddings #portraits #laughter #bride #groom #photography #losangeles (at Orcutt Ranch Horticulture Center)