Pourras Engagement Session

I was able to head back home and shoot an awesome couple around a favorite spot of mine in Whittier, CA. They met at a birthday party through mutual friends and from there the rest was history. Take a look into Nelson & Janet’s story and fall in love.


Our Proposal Story.

About a month before the proposal, I had the engagement ring ready for the big moment, but didn’t know how or when to propose to her.  

We’ve been trying plan a nice and quiet getaway for months, but we couldn’t stay for an entire weekend, so we decided to take a one day turnaround trip to wine country.  Our jobs can be pretty demanding and somewhat stressful, so we couldn’t wait for this particular weekend to see each other and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

After putting some thought into how to propose, I did some research.  I wanted it to be a quiet and semi-private setting, so I picked a restaurant at a winery that had exactly that.  It was small and quaint with al fresco dining surrounded by stunning vineyards and gardens.  I wanted us to dress up nicely, but I didn’t want her antennas to go up, so I simply told her it was going to be a high end restaurant and we should wear something more formal for dinner.

After a fun filled day in wine country the sun began to set, so I mentioned we’d have to leave soon.  She said okay, and off we went.  When we arrived at the restaurant, we went separately to change.  I wasn’t really nervous, but as soon as we met back in the restaurant lobby, I saw her standing there and thought to myself “Wow, she looks so beautiful.  I hope I don’t screw this up”.  The host already knew of the plan, so she was very helpful and accommodating.


After being seated in perfect view of the vineyards and gardens, I began to feel the butterflies.  Then, I excused himself, saying I needed to use the men’s room and would be right back.  So I sped walked back to the car to retrieve the ring, but then I had a slight problem.  The ring box was too big to fit in my coat pockets, and too big to fit in my pants pockets without being noticeable, so I had to improvise on the fly.  I stuffed the ring box in my front pocket and walked back to our table with my hands in my pockets.

After ordering some wine and appetizers, I couldn’t wait any longer, so I suggested we take a little walk though the beautiful gardens.  She said ok, and off we went.  As we walked through the gardens, one hand holding her hand and the other in my pocket holding the ring box, we came to a beautiful gazebo and next to it was a pond and fountain.  This was it.  It was right about here where everything became quiet, and when she looked away for a few seconds, I dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring box.  She looked pleasantly surprised, and I was immediately overcome with emotion.  It took me a minute to compose myself and ask the question, but eventually I did, and she said “A million times YES!”  


I think it was the realization that our engagement meant so much all at once. It was, and is, the culmination of years of self-exploration, and learning to hold true to myself and the man I am, as well as the culmination of years of learning to communicate well and openly, and working hard toward a solid relationship.  This proposal was the reward for each of us, for the promises we kept for ourselves, and for each other.

I felt a peace wash over me and between us.  After she said yes, I stood back up, took the ring and placed it on her finger.  I shouted with joy, kissed her, hugged her and we held each other for a good while.

What is your wedding inspiration, theme & some details? Our wedding theme is romantic country.  The inspiration comes from our admiration of living in a quiet and simplistic country like lifestyle.


What is your fav thing to do together? I would say cozying up on the couch with some delicious comfort food, a bottle of wine and a good movie. 

How do you two spend your free time? Aside from cozying up on the couch, we also like to visit some of our personal favorite restaurants.

How has the wedding planning been for you? Although we are very busy in many aspects of our lives, I think we are managing pretty well.

Any Honeymoon plans? Yes, we are planning a nice and quiet beachside honeymoon in Mexico.


“We’re well on our way with planning and are very happy to savor our engagement!”


Should I Hire a Makeup Artist?

Yes, the answer is always yes! In planning your wedding or event hiring someone who can give you the look you want & accentuate your beauty is key. Especially when is comes to your photos, a professional makeup artist is skilled in knowing what works for every situation & equipped to handle it.


I am always up for new ways to DYI and save some extra money, but unless you are highly experienced in the field of cosmetology I say stick with the pro. Even when going for a natural look, you still want to glow. Not only are you paying good money for professional photographs you also have a full day ahead of you and want it to last.


Hiring a hair and makeup artist will help your day run smoother and you will  look flawless while doing so.  When getting your photograph taken there are certain techniques to help accent your features, the photographer will love you for this.  I have had weddings and even some engagement sessions where you can see improper makeup or bad hair applications. This can be devastating after hiring a photographer to capture your memories.


So I say don’t risk it, let yourself be pampered! Not sure on how to go about it, here are a few tips to help.

1.  Take a look through their portfolio. Most have websites or electronic profiles you can look at in the comfort of your home.  Each bride has a different idea for there day so find the artist who fits your vibe.

2. Referrals. A good word of mouth can go a long way. 

3. Social Media. You can find many different artists and their work at a click of a button.  

4. Do a trial run. You will want to see how your makeup will look before the big day, that way you can make changes before its too late.


You can also talk with your photographer, more than likely they have a handful of artists they trust and work with often.  One of my personal favorite artists is Marylu Gomez, she is amazedly talented.  Not only is she reliable, Marylu is very versatile which can go a long way in the world of weddings. Hiring a good team to work together is what allows myself as a photographer to create my magic for our clients.

I want to thank the team that made these photos possible.

Makeup - Marylu Gomez                     maryluartistry.com

Jewelry - Hannah Frost Jewelry           hannahfrostjewelry.com

Venue   -  Hamilton Oaks Winery         hamiltonoaksevents.com

Florals  -  Tustin Florist                         tustinflorist.com

Dresses - JM Coture                             jmcouture.com

Models  - Theresa Murphy                  osbrinkagency.com

               Merissa Underwood           merissaunderwood.wix.com


Enter the Era of LettuceBreath


Say hello to my friend and Vegan babe Corrinne, aka Lettucebreath. The brand LettuceBreath has become an ever evolving alter ego for Corrine.  Using a ‘tough love’ approach to break down the barriers within society she encourages the transformation from within. 

“The brand has been ignited by two passions- Holistic Health & Fitness- coincided with a great obsession for Healing, enlightenment, and longevity through the understanding of proper nutrition. Thus how Lettucebreath was born! In an age like today, where so many are desperately looking to find treatment for their illnesses.  Lettucebreath provides an interactive  lifestyle platform through an up and coming website, blog and social media. A space for all seeking a more fulfilling life, where food is thy medicine!”


Conscious Parenting guidance is in the future, for those who have children! A Mind, Body, and Soul connection bringing higher awareness, and purpose back into our lives. The world is available to us all on a grand level, if we can enhance our standards for a life of well being! 


Lots of Love in 2017. To keep up on the journey you can follow her on Instagram (Instagram.com/lettucebreath) and check back for more info on upcoming projects.


Thanks to Gilday Sport Conditioning Gym, Vancouver WA & assistant Jered Bailey of Jered Dean Photography.

Let's Meet: Your Flower Friends

Have you ever wondered where your florist gets their floral stock? Or how fresh are they really? I am excited to share with you this years first Featured business Your Flower Friends! 


 I had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia Mercer last year and it has been so great getting to know her. Flower Friends is a local florist & flower farm growing from seed to you.  When asked, what she loves about her business? She said           “I absolutely love the happiness that flowers bring others. Spreading that happiness around is like having magic fairy dust I get to sprinkle wherever I go!” And yes she is just as sweet and energetic as she sounds!  

Cynthia came to the path of floral design from a personal fork in the road, she knew she needed to find a path that would lead to spread love to others and floral design was just that. In her free time she loves to travel and wants to go everywhere! “Every single one. Anywhere and everywhere for as long as possible.”  


As for new adventures she is excited to build an 8ft tall floral wall for the first time. “I have started experimenting with using an armature in my bridal bouquets to reduce the weight of the arrangement.” Her Romantic, French Country style just screams beauty and I am so excited to see this floral wall.

As a small business she does have her struggles like everyone else. “I would love to replicate myself!!! Then I could be there for everyone.  I have also struggled with separation between family, and business life.  They seem to constantly bleed together and I need to come to terms with it!” 


Cynthia has many influences or as she likes to refer to them, “The peeps I ‘Insta stalk’ ”.  Like many of us she can get a little tongue tied when meeting her   idols after years of following them, “It feels weird to have them right in front of you!”  Some of her favorites are Sinclair and Moore, and Hey Gorgeous Events.


Keep a look out for Cynthia Mercer and ‘Your Flower Friends’, she has many magical weddings this year and can’t wait for everyone to see some of the idea she has brewing! They will also be expanding their flower farm to include many more types of flowers that their brides and customers are thirsting for!