Did Somebody Say Tacos?!

So Mexican food is without a doubt a favorite of mine, I mean come on who doesn't like Mexican food? While having a mainly plant based diet, finding a perfect taco combination out there isn't always easy.  All of my favorite taco spots growing up were all about the meats, it wasn't till these past few years I started exploring meat free choices.  With so much to choose from in the world of fruits and vegetables, there can be so many fun options to keep the flavors from anything but boring. One of my favorite bases to use is Jackfruit, which I just love!  It has a shredded like texture and takes on the flavor of whatever spices or sauces you add to it.

I created two different taco mixtures, cause Im a boss and like options! We have Jackfruit Tacos with a refreshing Cucumber Salsa and Potato Tacos with an Avocado Cream Slaw. 


  • Can of Jackfruit (1 lb)
  • Choice of Tortillas
  • 2 Cups of Sliced Mushrooms
  • 1 Cup Sweet Potatoes
  • 16 oz chopped Fingerling Potatoes
  • 1-2 Jalapeños
  • 1/2 Cup Red Bell Pepper
  • 1 Lemon
  • 2-3 Limes
  • 4-5 Garlic Cloves
  • 1/2 -1 Tbl Spoon Chili Paste
  • 1 Cup Sliced Cucumber
  • 1/2 Cup Red Onion
  • 1/2 Cup White Onion
  • 1/2 Cup Cilantro
  • 1 Avocado
  • 1 1/2 Cups Broccoli Slaw Mix
  • 1/2 Tbl Spoon Oil
  • 1 Tbl Spoon Garlic Powder
  • 1 Tbl Spoon Dried Oregano
  • 1/4 Tbl Spoon Smoke Paprika
  • Salt & Pepper

Jackfruit is amazing and full of fiber!  Drain and rinse your can of Jackfruit, use a fork or knife to give it a shredded texture, then mix in a bowl with your sliced mushrooms, 2-3 chopped garlic cloves, chili paste and juice from 1 whole lemon. Add some salt and pepper to taste, mix well and set aside in the fridge to let the flavors marinate.


Pre-Heat Oven to 425 Degrees

While the Jackfruit mixture sits, let's get your potatoes going! Take your chopped potatoes (sweet & fingerling), white onion, oregano, paprika, oil and mix it well in a bowl, making sure all potatoes are covered. Add some salt and pepper to you're liking, place on a baking sheet and cook for 30-40 minutes or until browned, occasionally mixing.


For the potato tacos I love the flavor combination of this creamy avocado slaw and the sweetness of the potatoes. I use a high power blender to make the avocado cream sauce but a food processor will work just as well.

Take a whole avocado, 2-3 garlic cloves, 2 juiced limes, cilantro and 1/2 - 1 whole de-seeded jalapeño (depending on your spice level) and blend it up till it's as creamy as you can get it. Then in a bowl mix the cream sauce with the broccoli slaw and set it aside.


While the potatoes are cooking we can now make our toppings. For the Jackfruit tacos I used a marinated cucumber mix to add a refreshing citrus flavor to the spicy filling. Take your red onion, 1 1/2 limes juiced, cucumber, 1/2 cup red bell pepper, garlic powder and a pinch of salt & pepper, as well as lime zest (about half a lime). Mix it all up and set aside.


These are also great to prep for weekly meals, it is easy to make in large batches and lasts well. I hope you enjoy and would love to see your results! Share and comment below <3


Grab your jackfruit filling and give it one last stir to make sure everything is evenly coated. Heat up a large skillet to a meduim-high heat, take your jackfruit mixture and simmer for 10 minutes or until your mushrooms are tender, stirring occasionally.

Once your jackfruit and potatoes are done, all we have to do is assemble! Depending on what size tortillas you use you should have up to 8 tacos of each kind. Top it with your favorite Pico De Gallo for an extra kick.


A Vintage Inspired Wedding with. . .

Mr. & Mrs. Kennedy


This beautiful mid-century inspired location was the perfect mix of vintage styling and pops of color, giving this Los Angeles wedding a modern, yet glamorous vibe.

Highland Park being where this couple grew up, they both have followed the transformation of the area and along with their personal style preference, knew The Fig House was where they wanted to tie the knot. Take a peak at this couples day sharing their love of Star Wars and delicious beer.


Planner: Kira Vance                           2nd Photographer: Tess Baker                Florals: Anthos Floral Concepts   Cake: Vanilla Bake Shop                     DJ: Adroit Sound Entertainment Hair/Makeup: Angela Mersola Catering & Dessert: Noho Cuisine Gown: Jenny Packam                    Dress Shop: David's Bridal            Shoes: Jessica Simpson                Men's Suits: Men's Warehouse  Invites: Minted


Not So Traditional Anymore

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 6.25.23 PM.png

While planning a wedding couples can get caught up with the tradition of it all. It’s your choice to be as traditional or not, as you want. There are many different reasons why a bride doesn’t want to rock a traditional wedding dress. Maybe you want a dress that can be worn more than once or crave something with a little edge to it. Why shouldn't you get something you love?!   


If you are looking to stay in the world of whites and creams but want to have some fun consider something with feathers or texture, which works great for fall and winter weddings.  A shorter length dress can have a more casual feel but with embellishments it adds a more whimsical yet, fashionable vibe.

If you are leaning in a more formal direction and love a touch of vintage glam this sweetheart beaded gown is the answer.  I love it paired with a mix of chunky jewelry!


For the bride who wants a dress that screams fun, this soft pink featherd number would be great for a summer wedding. Or maybe you want to pull a "Mariah Cary" and do a dress change for the reception, this is perfect party time number.


Let's not forget a lady after my own heart, one who has a little bit of a dark side, these beaded gowns are formal with a sultry appeal. Darker colors can be beautifully paired with pops of color throughout your makeup & bouquet accents.


Whatever direction you decide to go is your’s to make, don’t let tradition stop you from having the dress of your dreams. 



Dresses - JM Coture                                jmcouture.com

Jewelry - Hannah Frost Jewelry           hannahfrostjewelry.com

Venue   -  Hamilton Oaks Winery         hamiltonoaksevents.com

Florals  -  Tustin Florist                            tustinflorist.com

Makeup - Marylu Gomez                        maryluartistry.com

Models  - Theresa Murphy                      osbrinkagency.com

                  Merissa Underwood              merissaunderwood.wix.com

How happy are you that 2018 is finally here?


I know I am, but is not just the excitement of a new year, there is also some relief, and even a little fear.  After the hustle and bustle of the holidays I am grateful to take off this first week of the year, more for my own mental sanity, but also to reflect. My goals and inspirations are written out, now its time to take them in, renew and get ready for what adventures may come. Sometimes while in the flow of life we forget to stand back and see how far we have traveled, I am definitely guilty of that myself. I constantly work and am always trying to step my game up, which is a great quality to have, but that comes from the desire of wanting more time and to be more financially stable. I have no problem with hard work but I also want to work smarter and don't want to wake up one day noticing I was working so hard that I missed time with people I love & experiences I wanted to explore. 

Each year I like to implement new positive elements into my life, not just to progress in my  business but to progress as a person, in general. Now lets rewind back to that little bit of fear I was talking about and try not to think about it in a negative way. Every time I have done something that has been a frighting to even think about I have not regretted it. It doesn't mean it always works out but what I learn from it is what was needed. Stepping out of my comfort zone is always a part of that, it can be scary but I now let the fear fuel me!  

In the spirit of the new year I wanted to share a few of my own goals, I like to focus on three main elements that make me whole, my mind, body and soul.  As for my body, health is a big part of life and I feel it connects so much to how your business runs, as well as how you feel. The last few years I have cut meat out of my diet, as well as  trying to improve my eating habits overall. I grew up loving junk food, I mean I secretly still do, but while learning more about the food we eat I have changed my bad habits little by little. I now feel healthier and confident in taking more processed items out of my diet this year, which may be a challenge as I love my treats. But this gives me a great chance to try new recipes and make a few new ones of my own, which I hope to share with you in 2018. As for soul, you can interpret that in many ways but as a human I feel we are all naturally spiritual. This year I want to help more and have such an affection for animals so it was obvious to me volunteering my time with them would be where to start. Using the skills I have is a great way to help them find homes and who doesn't want to take photos of cute animals?  Now for the big one, mind!  My main business goal this year is to feel ok with wanting more (thanks to Nina Roberts), which is really a series of several small goals, but I am excited to say my first act of putting myself out there in the new year will be to hold my first boudoir marathon in the Pacific Northwest. The studio is booked for February 4th and I will be sharing more detail very soon, so stay tune on how you can secure your spot!

So heres your reminder, take a minute to silence your mind, because we all know its much needed. Think about what worked and what didn't, not just in your business but in your personal life, all these things are connected and should be treated as so. Instead of repeating those cycles that are no longer working for you, pivot and re-aim, wanting to strive doesn't end with the idea of just putting your head down and working. I am continuously learning and as I take this time to reflect, I hope you do too. Please leave a comment or drop me a line. I would love to hear about your new goals or maybe just have a chat about your own journey!

                                                                                                       - Teresa Nuñez